If you are in Tennessee, and you are wondering about the latest news stories that are currently happening, you should be able to find quite a bit of information on the web. You may want to search some of the major outlets like CNN or Fox News in order to see what is currently being discussed. At the time of this writing, there is a manhunt out for a couple that are accused of not only kidnapping, but attempted murder. They are also being search for in New York for using an individual as bait in order to shoot another individual.

Marshall Retiring After 28 Years

Another story that is currently running is about a Marshall in Knoxville that is going to retire. He has been providing his services for 28 years as part of the US marshals service, a man by the name of James T Fowler. After many distinguished years in law enforcement, he has decided to call his career, ending it at a high point. This highly regarded individual has provided many years of service, after having worked his way to the top, even becoming a judicial security inspector.

Where Else Can You Find Additional News?

If you happen to be in Tennessee, you should be able to pick up a local paper and get some of the latest stories. These are just a few that are happening right now. In between this attempted murder, and the retirement of a well-respected US marshal, there is quite a bit of news to talk about. Tennessee does have news agencies in all of the larger cities including Nashville, Chattanooga, and other locations. If you are from Tennessee, or you are just interested in finding this information, it is definitely available on the web.